Introducing Comau

We are pleased to announce that Automation & Control are now system integrator partners of Comau Industrial Automation and Robotics.

Combining innovative engineering solutions with easy to use, open automation and enabling technologies stemming from over 45 years of field proven experience. Comau are known as a frontier in the industrial automation sector and a leading supplier in manufacturing equipment and production processes while continuing to improve operational efficiency while pioneering automation solutions. 

Their range of high-performance, state-of-the-art robotics include Automated Guided Vehicles which feature implements that are fully integrated with the base vehicle that improve ergonomic conditions of logistic operations. 

Automation & Control will also support locally the Mate-XT Exoskeleton, a wearable technology structure designed to replicate dynamic movements of the shoulder, ensuring greater comfort for the user and increase work quality.

With Comau, Automation & Control can provide an extensive range of robotics that include small payload robots with high speed through to massive capacity payloads of up to 650kg.

The inclusion of Comau’s products makes an exciting addition to Automation & Control as we continue to expand our range from market-leading brands.

We are confident it will provide our customers with quality products that increase the efficiency and improve operations in manual handling and physically repetitive work. To find out more, you can view our range of Comau products available at Automation & Control here: