Case Studies

Our team help create safer, more efficient working environments through robotics and automation. Read how we’ve supported businesses to optimise their processes and build workplaces of the future.

  • Controlling High-Frequency Vibration

    Controlling High-Frequency Vibration

    Automation & Control collaborates with sister company, Inquip, to provide the complete package for concrete consolidation.

  • Auto Height Adjustment Conveyor

    Auto Height Adjustment Conveyor

    Automation & Control were appointed by Australia’s largest blood bank to create a solution for a conveyor that have operators of various heights, unloading heavy items, by designing an auto height adjustment conveyor.

  • Automated Rolling Machine

    Automated Rolling Machine

    Automation & Control was commissioned to create a new control board that could automate the tracking of an infeed roller angle to allow automatic centering of a tarpaulin.

  • Plank Cleaner and Stacker

    Plank Cleaner and Stacker

    Automation & Control was approached with an enquiry to automate the process of having multiple dirty scaffold planks, have them cleaned, repainted, and then stacked on pallets in the correct sizes, ready for storage.

  • Mortuary Patient Lift

    Mortuary Patient Lift

    Automation & Control was commissioned by a Perth mortuary to help increase operational efficiency through the design of a high quality, dependable patient lifter.

  • Mining Locomotive

    Mining Locomotive

    Automation & Control was approached by a major WA Mining customer who requested a solution to access the Tamper locomotive air conditioners, located on the roof top of the train, which needed to be maintained and washed.

  • Automated Produce Packing

    Automated Produce Packing

    Automation & Control was commissioned by Western Australia’s largest grower and packer of fresh mushrooms to produce an automated packing system that was able to cope with the rigorous packing requirements needed to handle the delicate produce.

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