ABB IRB 6620LX Industrial Robot

Combining four robots into one.

ABB IRB 6620

The ABB IRB 6620LX is a high-performance industrial robot designed for heavy-duty applications. This model combines four robots in one: floor-standing, tilted or inverted mounted and shelf capability. This compact robot opens up opportunities for new flexible and improved line concepts. With its six-axis design and 150kg payload capacity, it is capable of handling even the toughest manufacturing tasks with ease.

Features & Benefits

  • High payload capacity: With a maximum payload of 150kg, the IRB 6620LX is capable of handling heavy workpieces with ease.
  • Long reach: The robot has a reach of up to 3.15m, making it ideal for large workpieces or applications where a wide working range is required.
  • Fast and precise: The IRB 6620LX can achieve speeds of up to 270 degrees per second, allowing it to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Its accuracy and repeatability are also excellent, ensuring consistent quality in production.
  • Flexible mounting: The robot can be mounted in various orientations, including floor, wall and ceiling mounting, making it highly adaptable to different production environments.
  • Easy to program and operate: ABB’s intuitive programming software and user-friendly interface make it easy to program and operate the IRB 6620LX, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Main Applications

  • Welding
  • Material Handling
  • Machine Tending


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