Bosch Rexroth ctrlX Servo Motors

Bosch Rexroth ctrlX offers different servo motors matched to the drive systems.

ctrlX Drive Motors

The Bosch Rexroth ctrlX Servo Motors are powerful, space-saving and the perfect accompaniment to the ctrlX Servo Drives with the MS2N/ MS2E/ MS2S synchronous servo motors. Users gain significant benefits such as more torque, higher speeds, more compact design and the new real-time condition monitoring for industry 4.0 solutions.

These servo motors combine compact dimensions and maximum dynamism with maximum accuracy in position, speed and torque values. The servo motors have a single cable connection for all drive tasks in factory automation and are both powerful and flexibly configurable, with seven sizes, Bosch ensures optimum coverage of all requirements.

The rotary and linear direct drives dispense with mechanical transmission components such as coupling and transmission, resulting in fewer components, minimal wear and maximum productivity.


MS2N servo motor

The MS2N servo motors are designed for high performance. They are characterized by more power per area as well as the highest energy efficiency and this is with compact dimensions. The continuous power can be further increased by optional forced ventilation or water cooling. The servo motors also have up to five times the overload capacity, which goes hand in hand with very low torque ripple. The field weakening mode which is available in conjunction with ctrlX Drive increases the useful torque speed range beyond the voltage limit.


  • Maximum torque from 3.7 to 692 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.8 to 345 Nm
  • Finely scaled series with seven sizes in up to six lengths
  • Single cable connection up to MS2N07
  • Different types of cooling, encoders up to SIL3 PLd, holding brake and much more
Bosch Roxreth ctrlX Drive Motor MS2N

MS2E servo motor

The motor generation MS2E offers the highest dynamics and safety in ATEX applications up to equipment group II and equipment category III for dust and gas.

The self-cooled motors of this series offer overlapping torque ranges in six sizes with maximum torques up to 266 Nm. With safe high-resolution single or multi-turn encoders in SIL2 PLd and with optional holding brake or keyway, they are predestined for tailor-made drive solutions in all potentially explosive atmospheres.


  • Maximum torque from 4 to 266 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.7 to 64 Nm
  • Finely scaled series with six sizes in up to three lengths
  • Single cable connection up to MS2E07
  • ATEX conformity equipment group II and equipment category 3D (dust) / 3G (gas)
ctrlX Drive Motor MS2E

MS2S servo motor

The MS2S motor generation from the ctrlX Drive range offers maximum torques of up to 22.6 Nm in three space-saving sizes.

With the 18-bit encoder optimized for ctrlX Drive, a single- cable solution and optional holding brake, they are predestined for all standard drive tasks with SafeTorqueOff (STO).


  • Maximum torque from 3.75 to 22.6 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.73 to 7.15 Nm
  • Finely scaled series with three sizes, with two lengths each
  • Single cable connection for space, weight, cost and time savings
  • New encoder with 18 bit and +360 ” provides the perfect combination with ctrlX Drive
ctrlX Drive Motor MS2S


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