EMC Belt Weighers

Rugged design with proven performance

EMC Belt Weighers B152 Dual Idler

Belt weighers are commonly used in production and inventory monitoring.

The EMC Belt Weigher Systems (also known as Belt Scales) provide a simple and accurate way to measure the flow rate and total tonnage of bulk material passing along a conveyor belt. 

A system includes

  • Single, Dual or Multi Idler Beltweigher, with integrated loadcell/s to measure the load 
  • Tacho Assembly to measure belt speed
  • ModWeigh MW95A Processor to calculate flowrate (t/hr), totals, etc.

Belt Weighers are generally used for

  • Bulk material measurement
  • Bulk inventory control
  • Production rate measurement
  • Production totals
  • Continuous blending systems
  • Flow control and blending


  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Cement
  • Fertiliser
  • Chemical
  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Food processing


  • fertiliser, coal, sand, iron sand, aggregates
  • wood fibre, wood chips,
  • vegetables, tobacco
  • detergent powder, etc.

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