IMO Pacific Precision Controls

IMO has been manufacturing and supplying control components for over 50 years, often leading the way in the introduction of innovative solutions to meet market needs. IMO means quality.

IMO Precision Controls

IMO products are designed and manufactured in-house or in partnership with centres of R&D and manufacturing excellence around the world. The rigorous standards of development, reliability testing and production quality control always remain the same and are never open to compromise.

From panel components such as relays, timers and terminal blocks to PLC, HMI and AC Drive based automation systems that operate sophisticated machine processes, customers around the world rely on our product solutions to perform as integral parts of their business. This is no small responsibility and one which we take very seriously.

The first company in the world to do so, we guarantee our quality with warranty periods of up to 3 years on our electronic based control components and up to 5 years on our Jaguar AC variable speed drives.

With certification to most of the relevant independent standards, you can rest safe in the knowledge that, when you buy IMO, you buy no-compromise excellence.


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