Modu Restaurant Express Delivery System

Automation & Control provides the Restaurant Express Lane Delivery System from Modu.

Modu Restaurant Express Delivery System

The Modu Express Lane System speeds up the food delivery process by bringing food to patrons without the necessity of waitstaff. With a HMI (Touch Screen) used to control the Express Lane, conventional buttons can be replaced with Coloured Touch Screen technology for more modern looking design. With a high precision drive unit, including a minimum turning radius of 500mm, the Carrier can stop precisely at the customer’s table.         


  • Safety Sensor (Front & Back)
  • Customised Food Tray
  • Safety Bumper (Front & Back)
  • Aluminum Track
  • LED Notification
  • Touch Return Button
  • Voice Notification
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Charging Station
  • WiFi Router

Track Configuration


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