Schneider Altivar 312 Solar

A variable speed drive for pumps with photovoltaic arrays to make the most of your energy.

Altivar 312 Solar

Schneiders Altivar 312 solar is the first variable speed drive compatible with a wide choice of pumps and solar arrays available.

It has been designed to be flexible, cost-effective and reliable. By reducing the number of components, the Altivar 312 solar increases the reliability of your installation by adjusting the pump flow to the availability of energy. Increases the service life of the installation and facilitates its maintenance while also detecting system malfunctions.

It is compatible with any IEC three-phase asynchronous motors, photovoltaic arrays or grid main supply. It also has autonomous characteristics with the automatic regulation of pump flow, self-adaption to the drive used in the installation and on-board commands. Requiring no additional components, it is ready to use which means installation is fast and easy.


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