Schneider Altivar 71

With its unique range up to 630 kW, Altivar 71 provides ingenious solutions for all your specific requirements.

Altivar 71

Part of Schneiders Altivar range, the Altivar 71 drives are suitable for heavy-duty industry from 0.37 to 630 kW. With exceptional performance and advanced functions, the 71 drives are typically used in material handling, hoisting, wood machines, process machines, textile machines and packaging.

With its different types of motor control and numerous integrated functions, the Altivar 71 range of variable speed drives meets stringent requirements. It is suitable for demanding drive systems:

  • Torque and speed accuracy at very low speed, high dynamic performance with Flux Vector Control with or without sensor
  • Extended frequency range for high-speed motors
  • Parallel connection of motors and special drives using the voltage/ frequency ratio
  • Static speed accuracy and energy saving for open-loop synchronous motors
  • Smooth flexibility for unbalanced machines with the ENA (Energy Adaption) System

In conjunction with the wide voltage range for a 690 V line supply, the Altivar 71 drive’s advanced functions boost performance levels and make machines more versatile so they can be used for a large number of applications.


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