Schneider Altivar AFE (Active Front End)

The Altivar Active Front End (AFE) is an option for frequency inverters to return energy to the line supply.

Altivar AFE

Schneiders Altivar AFE is a supply and regeneration unit that provides a constant DC voltage supply independent of the load situation. It provides 4-quadrant operation and it is well qualified for all applications with generator operating mode. The Active Front End is equipped with numerous integrated functions, meeting demands in industry, machine building and automation. The design allows the simple use in combination with an inverter as well as building up a common DC bus for a multitude of drives.

With an easy construction, set-up is quick with all control connections being pre-assembled. The energy-saving operation improves efficiency with an innovative control system.


  • Crane applications (hoists, long travel motion)
  • Downhill conveyors, winches, escalators
  • Complex drive systems
  • Test benches and high-dynamic drives
  • Pump/ turbine combinations
  • Low harmonic drives


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