Schneider Altivar Machine ATV320

Schneiders Altivar Machine ATV320 VSD has been designed for Original Equipment Manufacters (OEMs) that meet simple and advanced application requirements.

Altivar ATV320

Schneiders Altivar machine drives bring key benefits by achieving superior upgradable performance, helping to maximise machine control continuity and operation while also reducing operational expenses.

The Altivar Machine ATV320 provides IP20 and IP6x variable speed drive for three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors in open loop control and incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications, including:

  • Torque and speed accuracy at very low speed, high dynamic performance with flux vector control without sensor.
  • An extended frequency range for high-speed motors.
  • Parallel connection of motors and special drives using voltage/frequency ratio.
  • Static speed accuracy and energy saving for open-loop synchronous motors.

Focusing on easy integration for simple and advanced machine requirements with proven motor control and connectivity. It offers enhanced automation capabilities and performance for industrial machine applications:

  • Effective control of asynchronous and permanent magnet motors
  • Complete integration into any system architecture
  • Compact and book format for integration in a variety of different cabinet types
  • Integrated safety function for compliance with functional safety standards
  • Enhanced resistance to polluted atmospheres.


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