Schneider Altivar Process ATV6000

Schneider Electrics Altivar Process ATV6000 completes the Altivar Process lineup and has been designed to meet your medium voltage requirements.

Altivar Process ATV6000

The Altivar Process ATV6000 provides a high level of customisation to meet specific purposes, offering flexibility for modifications and extensions. Designed to ensure the continuity of your process and optimise maintenance costs, ATV6000 incorporates innovative power technology and advanced communication capabilities.

With a power range of 160 kW up to 2000 kW and a voltage range of 2.4 kV up to 13.8 kV, this drive model suits asynchronous motors, synchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. This enables process optimization, improves energy management while enhancing asset management and can be a tailored engineering solution.


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