Controlling High-Frequency Vibration

Automation & Control collaborates with sister company, Inquip, to provide the complete package for concrete consolidation. From scoping initial requirements and concept drawings to the delivery of the control cabinets and training.

Control Cabinet

Concrete consolidation is vital in eliminating air pockets in voids to ensure the structural integrity of formwork remains strong. However, concrete should also not be over-vibrated as this results in the aggregate settling at the bottom, this also weakens the structural integrity of the bridge formwork.


A common problem that clients face with concrete consolidation is the lack of control over the vibrating motors. Using VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) in our control cabinets allows the user to adjust the frequency of the vibrating motor with the use of an external hand pendant. This enables the controller to remove air pockets and pour the concrete into the moulds evenly. Resulting in a strong product that retains the structural integrity of the formwork.

Project Requirements

To ensure we provide the best service, we meet with the client to assess their requirements. From there, we recommend the right vibrating motors as well as the correct quantity they’ll need for each control board to obtain maximum efficiency. We engineer solutions from the design, drawings through to the build and commissioning of our mobile control cabinets to control the vibrating motors for concrete consolidation applications.

Project Solution

Together with sister company, Inquip, we work with you to design and supply systems to combine a strong vibration process with complete control. This gives the skilled operator the ability to maximise the effectiveness of the pour. This is completed to the customer’s expectations, delivered within the timeframe, and has worked successfully without fault.


The use of the control cabinets with the vibrating motors has helped many building sites create sturdy and structurally sound projects from slab pours to bridge forming.

With experience and understanding in vibration and concrete consolidation control systems, we provide the support required to deliver a successful outcome and provide value for our customers into the future with aftermarket support, service and onsite support.


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