Mining Locomotive

Automation & Control was approached by a major WA Mining customer who requested a solution to access the Tamper locomotive air conditioners, located on the roof top of the train, which needed to be maintained and washed.

At the time of approaching Automation & Control, the customer was installing scaffolds around the locomotives to allow access to the workers. This was both expensive and time consuming, costing up to $12,000 for each train to be maintained, with the set-up of each workstation taking about two weeks.

Project Solution

Our electrical engineers designed an adjustable platform with a reach between 3.5 to 5 meters high. Our teams were able to provide the control solution using robotic servo motors and a safety system, giving the maintenance crew safe access the Tamper Locomotives rooftop.

Project Equipment

  • Stainless Steel enclosure with heat panel
  • 2x Delta Servo motors and drives
  • 4x NOZAG Screw jack and gear boxes
  • Cat II Safety system
  • 2x Fortress Key Magnetic Locker
  • Omron HMI and PLC
  • Schneider switchgear
  • IFM sensors

Project Outcomes

  • Platform set-up time reduced from 4 hours to 45 minutes
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • ROI made in under 12 months
  • Flexibility of being able to set the platform at any location in the customer’s workshop
  • Expected savings of up to $864k per annum

Equipment Used

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