Mortuary Patient Lift

Automation & Control was commissioned by a Perth mortuary to help increase operational efficiency through the design of a high quality, dependable patient lifter.

Automation & Control was approached by a Perth Mortuary to design a lifter, operational through a control system, to increase the efficiency of the mortuary’s operation and eliminate the risk of injury through manual lifting.

Project Requirements

  • Must have a lifting capacity of minimum 500kg
  • Pendant Controller with dual speed setting
  • Estop button

Automation & Control’s sister company, Chain and Drives, provided assistance in calculating the correct torque required to lift 500kg and supplied a motor and gearbox capable of maintaining the torque.

Automation & Control was able to maintain the calculated torque at low speeds through the use of Bosch Rexroth Variable Speed Drives due to their boost function.

Project Equipment

  • Pendant Control System with up and down button, speed setting switch and Estop button
  • Ceiling Mounted Lifter
  • Bosch Rexroth Variable Speed Drive
  • Transtecno Motor
  • Transtecno Gearbox

Project Results

Automation & Control successfully designed and supplied a hygienic control system and lifter capable of meeting the customers requirements.

Through this, the risk of injury from repetitive manual lifting was mitigated, operational efficiency was increased and labour costs reduced.

Equipment Used

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