Plank Cleaner and Stacker

Automation & Control was approached with an enquiry to automate the process of having multiple dirty scaffold planks, have them cleaned, repainted, and then stacked on pallets in the correct sizes, ready for storage.

The client’s goal was to increase productivity by eliminating manual handling, cleaning, and repainting of the planks. Automation & Control worked closely with the client to provide solutions to overcome the challenges of this project, including timing sequence and other external factors that arose during production such as uneven floor levels.

Project Requirements

Automation & Control needed to design a custom semi-automatic system inclusive of pallet chain conveyors, several stillages for the various sized planks and an end painter, as well as an automatic stacker and strapper to achieve the productivity goals. Automation & Control also needed to provide a solution to the uneven floor level that would have prevented the conveyor installation from functioning correctly, this solution was achieved by pouring concrete plinths to provide a level and solid mounting point.

Project Equipment

  • 2 Control systems (1 strapper, 1 control for entire pallet chain conveyors)
  • 8 pallet chain conveyors – 5 stillages, 1 infeed, 1 outfeed 1 packing line
  • 1 glut strapper
  • 1 lift conveyor, 1 brush cleaner, 1 painting booth, 1 linear arm gripper
  • 5 stillages
  • Lights curtains for safety and guarding for the whole system.

Project Solution

Automation & Control was able to successfully design and create the semi-automatic system that eliminated 90% manual handling for the planks and 100% elimination of manual cleaning and repainting of the planks.


Equipment used

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