Rexroth Frequency Converter VFC

Rexroth VFC 3210, 3610 & 5610 series has been especially developed to meet the requirements of emerging markets.


VFC 3210

VFC 3210

Rexroth VFC 3210 with enhanced V/f control, covering the power range from 0.4 to 4 kW, is a multifunctional mini type frequency converter. It is widely used in the fields of woodworking machinery, packaging machinery, food processing and HVAC due to its characteristics like side by side mounting, smaller depth than VFC 3610, free cooling (up to 1.5 kW), built-in PID, multi-speed control and torque compensation etc.

Smart & Delicate

  • Nearly 30 % decrease in depth than 3610 to better adjust to customer installation requirements. 
  • A super mini type in compact design. 
  • Side by side mounting. 

Superior Performance

  • The high starting torque of 150 % 3 Hz and 100 % Hz 1.5. 
  • Over-excitation control to reduce the braking time. 
  • The capacity overload of 150 % 60 s. 
  • Modbus RTU is standard. 
  • PC software and firmware updates (via Mini-USB port). 

Easy to Operate

  • Built-in LED operating panel. 
  • Easy to operate and maintenance, removable fan, free cooling (not more than 1.5 kW). 
  • Structured parameter group for convenient commissioning. 
  • Automatic speed limiting and capture. 

Stable & Reliable

  • Systematic safety standard and reliability test system. 
  • Complete converter protection (phase failure, interphase short circuit, the earthing short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, under-voltage, overload, overheat and overheating protection for motors). 
  • Reinforced coating of circuit boards for dust-proof and anti-corrosion.
Mechanical Data

VFC 3610 & 5610 

Rexroth VFC 3610 is an enhancement solution for small machinery application as well as other V/f application. With the power output range of 0.4…22 kW, start-up torque of 1.5 Hz/100 % and 3 Hz/150 %, Heavy-duty/ Normal duty etc. features, VFC 3610 is widely used in fan, water pump, materials transmission, mixing equipment, HVAC, textile and wooding machinery.

Compact Design

  • Modularized design
  • Side by side mounting capability to save cabinet space.
  • DIN rail mounting (up to 7.5 kW) for flexible installation.
  • Up to 1.5 kw, no cooling fan; above 1.5 kw, a detachable cooling fan designed to improve the cooling efficiency.

Easy to Use

  • Standard equipped LED pluggable, optional equipped LCD pluggable.
  • Bluetooth Adapter optional for easy connection by mobile.
  • Quick Start Menu for easy commissioning.
  • Removable panel, supports remote operation and parameter copy.
  • Quick connectors for I/O terminals to easy installation and maintenance.
  • Integrated brake chopper (up to 22 kW).
  • Fans can be cooled down without removing.
  • Wiring by PNP/NPN.


  • Normal duty/heavy duty operation.
  • VFC 5610 110 kW and above have built-in DC reactor
  • High performance vector and torque technology (VFC 5610).
  • Low frequency oscillation suppression and start with speed capture.
  • Inversion forbidden, low voltage ride-through and swing frequency function.
  • Stand-by mode, counter function and energy savings calculator.
  • Pulse input (50 kHz) and pulse output (32 kHz).
  • Over-excitation braking, to reduce braking times up to 50 %.
  • 24 V auxiliary power output for external devices, max. 100 mA (up to kW); max. 200 mA (30…90 kW).
  • Build-in Modbus RTU, option cards for PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, I/O and relais terminal.
  • ConverterWorks for fast commissioning and software update (via Mini USB) .


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