Bosch Screw Drives

Bosch Rexroth Screw Drives offer exceptional performance, reliability and durability, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Bosch Rexroth Screw Drives

Bosch Rexroth screw drives are precision-engineered mechanical components designed to provide efficient linear motion in various industrial applications, from Ball Screw assemblies that are the efficient solution for the precise conversion of rotary to linear motion, to planetary screw assemblies, that offer design engineers many opportunities to solve transport and position tasks with a driven screw.


Ball Screw Assemblies

The Bosch Rexroth Ball Screw Assemblies are an efficient solution for the precise conversion of rotary to linear motion. Building on many years of experience and extensive engineering expertise, Bosch Rexroth has developed a product range that fulfils the most diverse requirements. No matter whether you need very high linear speeds, maximum load ratings, or minimum installed length, you will always find the right solution in Bosch Rexroth’s broad manufacturing spectrum. To make sure your application runs with the utmost accuracy and operational reliability, the individual components in the range have been precisely matched to one another, so complete assemblies can be put together efficiently.

Bosch Rexroth BASA Ball Screw Drives
BASA Ball Screw Drives
Product Number
Bosch Rexroth Ball Screw Assembly
Ball Screw Assembly Nuts
Bosch Rexroth Precision Screws
Precision Screws
Product NumberNominal Size
R15314651012X5RX2 (T5)
R15314671012X5RX2 (T7)
R15314691012X5RX2 (T9)
R15110450016X10RX3 (T5)
R15110470016X10RX3 (T7)
R15110490016X10RX3 (T9)
R15110651016X16RX3 (T5)
R15110671016X16RX3 (T7)
R15110691016X16RX3 (T9)
R15110150016X5RX3 (T5)
R15110170016X5RX3 (T7)
R15110190016X5RX3 (T9)
R15111450020X10RX3 (T5)
R15111470020X10RX3 (T7)
R15111490020X10RX3 (T9)
R15111751020X20RX3,5 (T5)
R15111771020X20EX3,5 (T7)
R151117910 20X20RX3,5 (T9)
R15111150020X5RX3 (T5)
R15111170020X5RX3 (T7)
R15111190020X5RX3 (T9)
R15112851025X25RX3,5 (T5)
R15112871025X25RX3,5 (T7)
R15112891025X25RX3,5 (T9)
R15112150025X5RX3 (T5)
R15112170025X5RX3 (T7)
R15112190025X5RX3 (T9)
R15113791032X20X3,969 (T9)
R15513150032X5LX3,5 (T5)
R15513170032X5LX3,5 (T7)
R15513190032X5LX3,5 (T9)
R15113150032X5RX3,5 (T5)
R15113170032X5RX3,5 (T7)
R15113190032X5RX3,5 (T9)
R15514450032X5RX3,5 (T9)
R15514470040X10LX6 (T7)
R15514490040X10LX6 (T9)
R15114450040X10RX6 (T5)
R15114470040X10RX6 (T7)
R15114490040X10RX6 (T9)
R15114750040X20RX6 (T5)
Nominal Size Chart
Product NumberNominal Size
R15114770040X20RX6 (T7)
R15114790040X20RX6 (T9)
R15114850040X25RX6 (T5)
R15114870040X25RX6 (T7)
R15114890040X25RX6 (T9)
R15114A50040X30RX6 (T5)
R15114A70040X30RX6 (T7)
R15114A90040X30RX6 (T9)
R15114951040X40RX6 (T5)
R15114971040X40RX6 (T7)
R15114991040X40RX6 (T9)
R15514150040X5LX3,5 (T5)
R15514170040X5LX3,5 (T7)
R15514190040X5LX3,5 (T9)
R15114150040X5RX3,5 (T5)
R15114170040X5RX3,5 (T7)
R15114190040X5RX3,5 (T9)
R15115450050X10RX6 (T5)
R15115470050X10RX6 (T7)
R15115490050X10RX6 (T9)
R15115150050X5RX3,5 (T5)
R15115170050X5RX3,5 (T7)
R15115190050X5RX3,5 (T9)
R15116450063X10RX6 (T5)
R15116470063X10RX6 (T7)
R15116490063X10RX6 (T9)
R15116751063X20R6,5 (T5)
R15116771063X20R6,5 (T7)
R15116791063X20R6,5 (T9)
Nominal Size Chart
Bosch Rexroth Accessories for Screw Drives
Accessories for Screw Drives
Product NumberNominal Size
R159061000LAD-A-S 10BG
R159061200LAD-A-S 12BG
R159061500LAD-A-S 15BG
R159061700LAD-A-S 17BG
R159062000LAD-A-S 20BG
R159062500LAD-A-S 25BG
R159063000LAD-A-S 30BG
R159063500LAD-A-S 35BG
R159060500LAD-A-S 5 BG
R159065000LAD-A-S 50BG
R159060600LAD-A-S 6 BG
R159066000LAD-A-S 60BG
R159005030LAF-A-A 50 BG
R159001730LAF-B-A 17 BG
R159002030LAF-B-A 20 BG
R159003030LAF-B-A 30 BG
R159003530LAF-B-A 35 BG
R159004030LAF-B-A 40 BG
R159001200LAF-B-Z 12 BG
R159001700LAF-B-Z 17 BG
R159002000LAF-B-Z-20 BG
R159003000LAF-B-Z-30 BG
R159032530LAF-C-A 25 BG
R159033030LAF-C-A 30 BG
R159041200LAL-A-G 12BG
R159041500LAL-A-G 15BG
R159042000LAL-A-G 20BG
R159040600LAL-D-Z 6 BG
R159014030LAN-A-A 40BG
R159015030LAN-A-A 50BG
R159011730LAN-B-A 17BG
R159012030LAN-B-A 20BG
R159013030LAN-B-A 30BG
R159013530LAN-B-A 35BG
R159011000LAN-B-Z 10BG
R159011200LAN-B-Z 12BG
R159010600LAN-B-Z 16BG
R159011700LAN-B-Z 17BG
R159012000LAN-B-Z 20BG
R159013000LAN-B-Z 30BG
R159022530LAN-C-A 25BG
R159023030LAN-C-A 30BG
R159A41001LAS-E-A 10 BG
R159A41201LAS-E-A 12 BG
R159A41701LAS-E-A 17 BG
R159A42001LAS-E-A 20 BG
Nominal Size Chart
Product NumberNominal Size
R159A43001LAS-E-A 30 BG
R159A43501LAS-E-A 35 BG
R159A44001LAS-E-A 40 BG
R159A45001LAS-E-A 50 BG
R150600050MGD 16X5/10/16
R150610050MGD 20X5/10/20
R150620050MGD 25X5/10/25
R150630050MGD 32X5/10/20/32
R150660050MGD 63X10
R150660051MGD 63X20/40
R150670050MGD 80X10
R150670051MGD 80X40
R150600020MGS 16X5/10
R150600020MGS 20X5/161X16
R150620020MGS 25X5/10/20X20
R150630020MGS 32X5/10/25X25
R150640021MGS 40X10/20
R150640020MGS 40X5/32X20/32
R159111730SEB-F-A 17
R159112030SEB-F-A 20
R159122530SEB-F-A 25
R159113030SEB-F-A 30
R159113530SEB-F-A 35
R159114030SEB-F-A 40
R159115030SEB-F-A 50
R159111020SEB-F-Z 10
R159111220SEB-F-Z 12
R159111720SEB-F-Z 17
R159112020SEB-F-Z 20
R159113020SEB-F-Z 30
R159110600SEB-F-Z 6
R159110620SEB-F-Z 6
R159161020SEB-L-S 10
R159161220SEB-L-S 12
R159161720SEB-L-S 17
R159162020SEB-L-S 20
R159163010SEB-L-S 30
R159163510SEB-L-S 35
R159163520SEB-L-S 35
R159160500SEB-L-S 5
R159165020SEB-L-S 50
R159160620SEB-L-S 6
R159160620SEB-L-S 60
Nominal Size Chart
Product NumberNominal Size
R159401200SEC-F-Z 12
R159402000SEC-F-Z 20
R159403000SEC-F-Z 30
R159461500SEC-L-S 15
R159462000SEC-L-S 20
R159463000SEC-L-S 30
R159501220SES-F-Z 12
R159501720SES-F-Z 17
R159502020SES-F-Z 20
R159503020SES-F-Z 30
R159561500SES-L-S 15
R159561700SES-L-S 17
R159562000SES-L-S 20
R159563000SES-LS- 30
R344602004NMA 15X1
R344601404NMA 17X1
R344601504NMA 20X1
R344601104NMA 25X1,5
R344601604NMA 30X1,5
R344601204NMA 35X1,5
R344601804NMA 40X1,5
R344601904NMA 50X1,5
R344600202NMG 12X1 ZN
R344601102NMG 15X1 ZN
R344600502NMG 20X1 ZN
R344600204NMZ 10X1
R344600304NMZ 12X1
R344600404NMZ 17X1
R344600504NMZ 20X1
R344600704NMZ 25X1,5
R344600604NMZ 30X1,5
R344603204NMZ 45X1,5
R344603304NMZ 55X2
R344600104NMZ 6X0,5
R344603404NMZ 70X2
R344603604NMZ 90X2
R150704033GWR 18X1
R150724035GWR 23X1
R150724022GWR 26X1,5
R150734034GWR 30X1,5
R150704023GWR 36X1,5
R150724025GWR 50X1,5
R150744032GWR 58X1,5
R150744028GWR 60X1,5
R150744029GWR 62X1,5
R150744026GWR 65X1,5
Nominal Size Chart

Planetary Screw Assemblies

Bosch Rexroth screw assemblies offer a cutting-edge solution for precision motion control and linear positioning applications. These assemblies feature a unique planetary roller screw design, which offers exceptional load-carrying capacity, high efficiency and long service life. They are engineered to provide smooth and precise movement, making them ideal for demanding industrial and automation environments. Bosch Rexroth’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the planetary screw assemblies deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Bosch Rexroth PLSA Planetary Screw Assemblies
PLSA Planetary Screw Assemblies
Product NumberNominal Size
Bosch Rexroth PLSA Nuts
Bosch Rexroth Accessories for Screw Drives
Accessories for Screw Drives
Product NumberNominal Size
R159A01501LAF-B-A 15 BG
R159A32001LAF-C-A 20 BG
R159A33501LAF-C-A 35 BG
R159A11501LAF-B-A 15 BG
R159A22001LAN-C-A 20 BG
R159A23501LAN-C-A 35 BG
R159A41501LAS-E-A 15 BG
R159A41702LAS-E-A 17 BG
R159A42002LAS-E-A 20 BG
R159A42501LAS-E-A 25 BG
R159A44501LAS-E-A 45 BG
R159A46001LAS-E-A 60 BG
R159A47001LAS-E-A 70 BG
R159A49001LAS-E-A 90 BG
R159B42501FEC-F-B 25 (2+2)
R159B43501FEC -F-B 35 (2+2)
R159B45001FEC-F-B 50 (2+2)
R159B46501FEC-F-B 65 (2+2)
R159B49001FEC-F-B 90 (2+2)

Drive Units

Bosch Rexroths drive units AOK and AGK consist of a proven Bosch Rexroth ball screw assembly (BASA – Ball Screw Assembly) with nut housing and pillow block units to make it into a ready-to-install drive axis. When combined with an external linear guide, this drive unit becomes a fully functional linear axis for a variety of applications.

Bosch Rexroth General Information Drive Units
General Information Drive Units
Bosch Rexroth Detailed Information Drive Units
Detailed Information Drive Units


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