Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive ML

IndraDrive – Electric drive technology for powers in the megawatt range.

Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive ML

The new IndraDrive ML units extend the IndraDrive family to include the higher output range, by which individual units are capable of generating up to 500 kW. Up to 8 units can be connected in parallel to reach outputs as high as 4 MW. These space-saving, modular inverters are therefore somewhat of an all-rounder and can be used as mains or motor inverters to minimize the number of variants, simplify handing and reduce storage costs.

HMU05 universal inverters can be used both as a single-axis inverter for operating a motor and a rectifier/regeneration supply unit. They come with a control unit slot that has various interfaces for connecting to the automation environment, for encoder systems, safety technology, and additional digital and analog signals, etc. The use of the HMU05 is determined by the firmware in the control unit and, if necessary, mains connection components. Liquid cooling is the only type of cooling available.

When operated as a single-axis inverter, the HMU05 is powered by direct current and uses it to generate a controlled AC output voltage of variable amplitude and frequency for operating a motor. The firmware in the control unit controls the single-axis inverter and offers extensive additional functions. The inverters are powered by the DC bus from an HMU05 operated as a supply unit.

When used as a rectifier/regeneration supply unit, the HMU05 generates DC bus voltage from the supply voltage. This means it can also feed regenerative energy back into the supply network, keeping the DC bus voltage at a constant level regardless of supply voltage. The firmware in the control unit controls the supply unit and offers extensive additional functions.


  • Universally usable as supply device or as single-axis inverter
  • 110 kW … 4 MW power range
  • 380 V … 690 V mains connection voltage
  • 540 V … 1100 V DC line voltage
  • Rectifier and regeneration function (when used as supply unit)


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