Schneider Low Voltage AC Process Drives

Variable speed drives (VSD), also known as variable frequency drives (VFD), adjust the motor speed throughout the run-cycle giving you full control of your electric motor applications. VSDs improve the life of your motors and deliver energy efficiency savings through the gentle ramping up of electrical motors.

Low Voltage AC Process Drives

Automation & Control supplies the Altivar Process variable speed drives, created by Schneider. Designed to cover the majority of industrial applications with two series in the range; the Altivar Process ATV600 drives, focus on fluid management and processing and energy saving, suitable for pumps, fans and compressors up to 2600kW. The Altivar Process ATV900 drives focus on maximum productivity with exceptional motor control and connectivity, ideal for conveyors, cranes or mills up to 2600kW.

Depending on your requirements, the Altivar Process drives are available as wall-mounting, floor-standing, and optimized solutions for cabinet integration.


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