As a global supplier of conveyor components and systems, MODU aspires to be the leader in providing smart automation solutions.

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MODU System began its journey with its establishment in Singapore in 1995. In less than 30 years, MODU has rapidly expanded its operations into many countries including Malaysia, China, Europe, America, Indonesia, Australia and most recently India.

A company that is creative, innovative and constantly striving to improve productivity. MODU embraces industrial development by combing People, Process, and Technology for sustainable growth. With a wide range of conveyor products, Industrial Automation and Robotic solutions that deliver smart manufacturing and restaurant automation that deliver a holistic solution for the food and beverage industry.

MODU Systems include:

  • Greater flexibility & efficiency
  • Ease of design
  • Ease of installation & re-configuration
  • Aesthetic look
  • High reliability
  • Ease of transportation & shipping
  • Economical ownership



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